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Posted by on 27 Settembre 2012

Art. 1

The competition will be held  from 19 to 20 july 2023 in the School Auditorium  “D.Alighieri” in Formia, via Rialto Ferrovia, 44, Italy and is open to pianists of any nationality according to the categories below. It will be NOT mandatory to play the music by memory.

Art. 2

Categories will be as follows:

Cat. A: up to 10 Years old (candidates who haven’t turned 11 at the date of 28th April 2023)

Cat. B from 11 to 13 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 14 at the date of 28th April 2022)

Cat. C from 14 to 16 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 17 at the date of 28th April 2022)

Cat. D from 17 to 19 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 20 at the date of 28th April 2022)

Cat. E from 20 to 22 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 23 at the date of 28th April 2022)

Cat. D from 23 to 30 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 31 at the date of 28th April 2022)

Program (one round – free repertoire)

Cat. A maximum 4 minutes

Cat. B maximum 7 minutes

Cat. C maximum 10 minutes

Cat. D maximum 13 minutes

Cat. E maximum 18 minutes

Cat. F maximum 25 minutes

The performances will happen in Alphabetical order.

Please don’t hesitate to write us if you have any doubts.

Info: mail  +39 3293136467  (wapp)

Application fee:

Baby Cat. €40

Cat. A-B €40

Cat. C-D €50

Cat. E €60

Cat. F €70

Art. 3


Points from 98 to 100: First Absolute Prize, cup  and diploma

Points from 95 up: First Prize, medal  and diploma

Points from 90 to 94: Second prize and diploma

Points from 85 to 89: third prize and diploma

Points from 75to 85: Mention

Points down  75: Participation certificate 


Baby Category: First absolute prize (required 98\100 points) with HIGHEST POINTS €100

Cat. A: First absolut prize (required 98\100 points) with HIGHEST POINTS  € 250

Cat. B: First absolut prize with HIGHEST POINTS  € 400

Cat. C.: First absolut prize with HIGHEST POINTS  € 500

Cat. D: First absolut prize with HIGHEST POINTS  €1000 (Offered by Rotary Club Orbetello – Costa d’argento) , a concert in Orbetello Piano Festival

It will be possible to divide the echonomic prize in the case of ex- aequo (exactly equal score)

Special Prizes

Special award to the competitor with the highest score categories C-D-E-F will be awarded a prize concert for the 2023/24 season with a €700 fee.

 The “Anna Maria Pennella” Prize will be awarded to the best female pianist in the competition and will consist of a €500 scholarship.

Special award to the competitor with the highest score (1 winner in total – considered to be the one best score all throughout the categories) who is a resident in the Province of Latina:
Scolarship worth €100

Art. 4

The jury will be made up of well-known pianists and Conservatory teachers. The juror will abstain from voting if a candidate has studied or participated in masterclasses with him in the last two years: upon taking office, each juror will issue a specific statement on his position towards them. The jury’s decision is final.

Art. 5

Pianos will be made available to candidates for practice and it will be possible to try out the competition piano.

The awarding of the winners will take place officially on the occasion of the Concert of the Winners to be held at the archaeological area of ​​Caposele (Via Caposele,1) in Formia the 20 of July.. It will be mandatory to play in the final concert for the winners of the 1st absolute prize , in order to redeem the prize.

Art. 6

By applying to the competition you accept all the articles included into this notice. In the case of any demonstration, the Italian text of this regulation will be worthy.

Art. 7


  • Le iscrizioni al concorso sono aperte fino al giorno 12 luglio 2023 e possono essere effettuate inviando a :
  • Scheda iscrizione scaricabile sul sito
  • Programma di esecuzione 

Ricevuta pagamento con la causale “Concorso e nome e cognome” del concorrente


Application deadline 12th july 2023 is open until 12 July 2023 and can be made by sending to

• Registration form downloadable on the site

• Execution schedule

Receipt of payment with the description “Competition and name and surname” of the competitor

Art. 8

On registration for the competition applicants tacitly accept all rules contained in this notification. The Italian version of this announcement will be deemed official in the case of any subsequent contestation.

The application fee is one-time payment and it includes participation in the competition. The registration fee will be refunded only in the event that the competition cannot be held due to the decision of the artistic direction or for reasons related to the pandemic. In case of absence of the candidate, notified after the registration deadline, it will not be possible to refund the registration fee.

Art. 9

This cultural event is not comparable to the sweepstakes, as intended by D.P.R.430/2001, art.6 com.1. Therefore, the Resolution n.8/1251 of the 28th October 1976 decides that the prizes will not be income taxed at the source.However,we specify that the final prizes will be added to Your personal income and the winners will have to pay own compulsory contributions on the basis of Your income tax return.